Where do fresh ideas come from?

Anca Sucala, managing director and partner at Rödl&Partner Romania, loves her employees. She sees them as her equals and collaborates with them with care, passion and devotion towards achieving their common goals.

She invites them to be part of the managing process using their unique strength and expertise as the most valuable asset of the company. She enjoys their presence, their energy, their dedication and appreciates honesty and initiative. She likes to see them fulfilled and happy, because she believes that this is the way people give their best. This is why she always celebrates special moments.

Let me tell you how everything happened. We were just having a caching up meeting at end of February, you know, girls talk, and I was updating her about the products, the business, how it works, if I enjoy my new freedom.

Suddenly, she asked me if we also do personalized gifts. She wanted laptop sleeves with the unique cut  in dark green, the colour of the company, and also personalized with the name as a present for her associate partners. I said of course we can do that, without much thinking of how. We even designed a new product to fit in the budget for the different levels of management.

I loved that meeting because I always get energized after talking with Anca, she is such a power of nature. And she always reminds me of how much I changed lately from being a fearful manager to a warm, caring human being. She always jokes about how horrible she was feeling when I was calling, thinking “not again, her!” It also opened a whole new range of possibilities for us, Smiles Bags, which I didn’t thought of before. And here we are now, preparing to enter the b2b market. So exciting! Thank you Anca, you are an continuous inspiration for me!