Chris Simion-Mercurian - “I like to dream and play!”

My collaborators are now my colleagues and most of them became my friends. This is how running a small business looks like, when it’s just you doing everything. I’ve been lucky to meet some wonderful people along my journey. Chris Simion-Mercurian is one of them and she agreed to answer some questions for me.

O: Do you consider yourself an attractive person?

C: What I know for sure is that I like to dream and play. I have no idea if that becomes attractive for other people and I don’t care. I would guess I am rather inconvenient from this point of view than attractive. I don’t know how and I don’t wish to live on the shine of the water. I would get bored to death if I didn’t felt a thrill every day.

O: When a man looks towards you and smiles what is your response?

C: Smile back.

O: In a meeting at work, your point of view differs from the rest of the group, superior and colleagues. What do you do?

C: When I strongly believe in something... it is very hard to convince me otherwise. There is always a chance to be wrong though.

O: A colleague tells you that your blouse is torn. What is your response?

C: “It’s in trend!” or “Do you have some particular message?” maybe “Thanks, can you help me to turn it inside out?”; for sure not a common “thank you”.

O: When you travel for business, what do you miss the most?

C: I live in the present moment. I do not live anything back which I could miss later.

O: Why is your favorite bag, your favorite bag? Tell us your story!

C: Because it does not hinder me in any way, it makes my life easier. I don’t own several objects of one kind. I like to use one until it gets worn out, this makes it even more valuable for me.

Chris telling us while loudly laughing:

C: My husband and my half, Tiberiu Mercurian, imagined how I would answer the last two questions. Maybe it would be fun to include them in the interview. His opinion on how things look like for me:

O: When you travel for business, what do you miss the most?

T, answering on behalf of C: I am an independent person, (consequently I have an independent theater company) so when I'm travelling, as long as I have my man with me I have everything. And books. When I'm travelling I need books and if I don't pick some with me, I buy some from the place I travel.

O: Why is your favorite bag, your favorite bag? Tell us your story!

T, answering on behalf of C: My back pack. I used to have one, caring my laptop, agendas, books, make up, and other important items that I have to have with me all the time. Couple of years ago I bought one, apparently much bigger than the previous one. Well partitioned, apparently, and black. Very black. After putting all the stuff inside, the laptop remained outside. Consequently: I had a new backpack. Beautiful, big, black. But, no space for my laptop. So currently I am traveling with my big, black, new backpack and my laptop in the right hand :-(((