Anca Iuhas - "A smile can change the world!"

My collaborators are now my colleagues and most of them became my friends. This is how running a small business looks like, when it’s just you doing everything. I’ve been lucky to meet some wonderful people along my journey. Anca Iuhas is one of them and she agreed to answer some questions for me.

O: Do you consider yourself an attractive person?

A: I always thought that the attractiveness is a matter of attitude so yes, I consider myself an attractive person.

O: When a man looks towards you and smiles, what is your response?

A: I return the smile. I think that a smile can change the world.

O: At work in a meeting, your point of view differs from the rest of the group, superior and colleagues. What do you do?

A: Is curious how good this question is describing the last meetings I’ve joined in. That’s why I will not deny that I am extremely persuasive and try to convince the colleagues that my point of view is objective, pertinent and... right.

O: Colleague tells you that your blouse is torn. What is your response?

A: I’m smiling and I tell him that this is the new trend.

O: When you travel for business, what do you miss the most?

C: Usually I travel for pleasure, so I enjoy every single moment and I try not to miss anything.

O: Why is your favorite bag, your favorite bag? Tell us your story!

C: I love my favorite bag because I can take it with me even in holidays. Is big enough to carry on my little things and my big memories. And because is special made for me.

Thank you dear Anca! Wish you a lot of beautiful memories with your Lifetime companion bag and hope to talk in 10 years and see what memories you gathered together!