About the Life Time Companion collection

Smiles Bags is my way of sharing the happiness I felt when my husband crafted this bag and gave it to me as a gift. We turned that special moment into a collection that reflects Gaspar’s love for simplicity, usability and lasting values:

“I enjoy beauty around us, especially the beauty of natural leather, with all its marks, scratches and irregularities. Things should “just work”, without you giving them a second thought. They should feel cosy, comfortable and “just right”. I created a bag that will be truly yours, your long-term companion and your personal trademark. ”

Lifetime companion collection is a group of friends prepared to accompany you forever. If you pick Lusine "shine of the moonlight"  or Yeraz "daydream", Siranush "pretty and beautiful" or Maral "natural and feminine" or maybe Arpine "sunshine and calmness", each will suit your mood.