What about the old school?

by Oana Vaideanu, co-founder of Smiles Bags

I grew up together with a wonderful group of family friends. We were celebrating every special event together, being birthdays, New Years Eve or any other holiday.

What does celebrating mean, you wonder? It was singing involved and dancing involved. It was food and wine. All of the man in the group had some special kind of attitude towards me which I really enjoyed. They were treating me like a young lady (was about twelve years old). Every interaction was enormous enjoyable, I felt liked, appreciated and respected. Was really trying to also rise up to the character. So, what was it like, how were this wonderful man acting?

  1. They were dressed nicely, costume and tie. On top smelling good, always shaved.
  2. They were opening the door, being it the car, entrance or elevator.
  3. They were holding the chair for sitting down and waiting until the woman sat first.
  4. They were filling the glass, paying attention every time if there was a need.
  5. They were ordering the food to the waiter.
  6. They were paying for the food.
  7. They were willing to dance and asking polite the woman if she cares to join him.
  8. They knew how to lead a woman while dancing, respectfully enjoying the closeness.
  9. They were kissing the hand and saying thank you after the song was finished, escorting you to your place.

Ok… I am stopping here, although I can continue.

Times have changed, I know that. Now the women wish to be independent and the man feel mostly pressured by that. Official look is not mandatory anymore nor at work neither in the society. Time seemed to have shrunken, nobody pays attention to details anymore. Let me tell you a story, though:

I attended a meeting with my former colleagues and other alumni from the University we all graduated. It was a more or less official evening, most of the man were costume and tie. Women were also dressed official. Because of my high heels (which I am not wearing so often I would wish), I decided to sit down, to give my feet a rest. A man mid forty joined, nicely dressed, smelling good, respectfully asking if he should get me something. Of course I took advantage of that rare moment and asked for a glass of wine. The special occasion needed celebration. When I decided to go, he asked and brought my jacket, escorting me to the exit. Wow… It was such a rare moment and I felt special. Probably also connecting it with my childhood memories.

I have to quote at this point Anne Hathaway from “The Intern”, movie which I warmly recommend. It is inspiring, warm and funny: “How in one generation, have man gone from guys like Jack Nicholson and Harrison Ford to…”

Enjoy the movie!