2,5 mm thick, unfinished brown leather tote bag, semi vegetable tanned with raw interior. Detachable green cotton envelope inside. Handmade in Romania.

Large bag size: 45cm x 40cm x 3cm
Medium bag size: 40cm x 35 cm x 3cm
Weight: 0.5kg

 Care instructions

Why it comes with life-time guarantee

The shape of the bag is rounded, created without any sharp edges in order to match the feminine style. The sewing on the sides follow the pattern of Yin and Yang for harmony and more closeness to the human nature.

Corners are closed with rivets, in order to keep forever. The bag closes with hidden magnets so you can go careless through the day. The envelope inside will keep your things safe and in the needed order. You have enough space to place all your daily belongings there. If you like it more simple, you can take it out and enjoy the raw leather and large space of the bag. The handles are kept out of one piece of leather without any sewing, to fit perfectly comfortable on your skin. They will soften and get the shape of your body after some short period of your journey together. Your senses will love the touch of the raw leather.

The unfinished leather with it’s natural pattern of the cow skin, gives each of the Lifetime Companion bags collection a unique touch. Stretch marks, scratches or shades add to the value of it’s simple, raw look. With time passing, during your journey together it will collect more memories and it will change the color accordingly to your close touch. It will age gracefully and get even more beautiful. We believe it is such a well designed and engineered bag that it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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