Summer mood RED

Strong blue jeans material combined with natural red leather for a fresh, relaxed vacation look. Closes with hidden magnets, has one big (17x17cm) pocket inside. Handmade in Romania.

Bag size: 29cm x 35cm x 14cm
Weight: 0.3kg

Inspired by memories

This bags represent the collaboration between me and my husband Gaspar. They are an inspiration of my intense emotions related to childhood vacations at the seaside and Gaspar's attention to details, having in mind the main engineering features of the lifetime companion bag. The features are the hidden magnets and the strength of the handles which are designed to hold a lot of weight.

I love the summer vacation and cannot picture it without going to the seaside. I guess it comes from childhood when the summer was the only one time a year when we were going there. We were preparing two weeks before, making sure that we will not miss anything useful.

This collection is inspired by all the feelings I still experience waiting for the summer vacation: excitement – it was happening just once a year, happiness – expecting the yearly routine of preparing for the trip, the drive, the actual vacation with all it's must dos, worry - will it still be the same enjoyable experience as last year? Freedom – as no schedule just fun and girl power, because we were just going with my sister, mom and grandma and later just with mom and sis. Beautiful times, enjoyable moments, I still experience them every year, waiting for the seaside vacation to come.

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